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23.03.2018 Artificial Intelligence, Robotics and Law - State of Research and Open Legal Issues
The Robotics and AI Law Society (RAILS) is the legal answer to the increasing digitization of our modern society. RAILS is committed to the responsible development of intelligent systems. It works on a legal framework that allows for technical developments, avoids discrimination, ensures equal treatment and transparency, protects democratic principles and provides for an appropriate participation of all actors in the economic results of digitization. On the 23.03.2018 RAILS will hold a workshop at the Leibniz house in Hannover and we will be one of the attendees. The aim of this first event is to demonstrate the legal implications of AI and robotics in an intradisciplinary manner and to bring together both existing and emerging open legal issues in the different areas of law. This is intended to create the basis for the research questions to be addressed by RAILS in the coming years.

01.03.2018 Fraunhofer IESE
We attended the Fraunhofer IESE (Institute for Experimental Software Engineering) Representative Office opening in Berlin. During the course of the opening, there were talks in regard to the current technological challenges around the topics of Industry 4.0, Data Sovereignty and Smart rural areas.
A brief summary of the topics tackled by Fraunhofer IESE are

20.02.2018 Net Law Conference
Markus Grete held a talk at the Net Law Conference in Nürnberg about the right staffing and needs of a data protection officer at a small medium business or mid-size company. The Net.Law.S Conference is a platform in German-speaking countries for legal issues surrounding digitization. The focus is mainly on current legal issues in the area of ​​tension between law and digitalization. For more Info as regards the Conference, click on the link Net.Law.S 2018

23.01.2018 Privacy Camp in Brussels
Attended the Privacy Camp in Brussels organized by European Digital Rights (EDRi) and some other privacy-friendly organizations. The EDRi is an association of civil and human rights organizations from across Europe. Whenever citizens’ rights and freedoms in the online environment are endangered by the actions of political bodies or private organisations, they ensure that they are respected.

10.11.2017 FPF Privacy Workshop
Notably also was the Privacy Engineering Research and the GDPR Workshop that took place on the 10 November 2017 in the University of Leuven near the the beautiful center of the EU, Brussels, Belgium.
The Workshop mainly focused on privacy and the application of the GDPR (General Data Protection Regulation)

11.10.2017 IT-SA The IT Security Conference IT-SA
IT-SA is Europe's largest IT security fair and one of the most important worldwide. Whether cloud, mobile or cybersecurity, data and network security - the fair is a unique platform for IT security officers, developers and providers of IT security products and services.We were delighted to visit the Conference in Nürnberg on the 11.10.2017. We had really good talks about the gdpr and met a good friend from msg munich who is part of the OWASP and IPEN Projects.
More info about the conference can be found at IT-SA.

09.06.2017 IPEN Workshop
The Internet Privacy Engineering Network (IPEN) workshop this year took place on the 9th of June 2017 in Vienna at the the Austrian Computer Society (OCG). More detailed information about the workshop can be found at