Grete DV GmbH

Your software-"artist blacksmith"


About us

The Grete DV GmbH started business in April 2000. 

We care about IT-Security, Privacy, Big Data and Law.

We are specialised in individual software development for large and mid-size companies and sell hardware for the small-medium business market.

Starting at research, selection of the feasible measurements, conception and results in industry-sized solutions.

Customer references

A few of our well-known end-customers are:

(some from finished projects, not all currently running)

in the financial business:
SwissLife Select (formerly AWD), VGH, ÖSA, ÖVO.

in the automotive industry:
IAC (formerly Stankiewicz), Daimler (formerly DaimlerChrysler)

in the power supply industry:
EON Hanse (formerly Schleswag)

Furthermore the gretEDV performs conceptional, structural and service tasks for hardware and properietory software in the smb-market. Some departments of the Evangelic church belong to the most famous customers in this area.

Frequently Asked Questions

F: Which business segments do you have?
A: We are working for large customers in the areas software developlement and IT-concept on system integration and law issues.

F: How does the research sector integrate?
A: Fine up to now. It may be that we switch to research for 100%, but that is not on the horizon now.

F: What means rental management by the Grete DV GmbH
A: The Grete DV GmbH and the software dev. were born in an automation idea some decades ago. This sector is legacy only .

F: Why "Grete DV GmbH" and no artificial name?
A: In the beginnings it was important to relate the work of the Grete DV GmbH to Markus Grete and his knowledge. This relation is less important now, but why should we change?